[New To Calisto.co] How do I buy a product on Calisto.co?

[New To Calisto.co] How do I buy a product on Calisto.co?

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You can view and select our products from dropdown menus or the search bar. You may also use the chat box for further inquiries.


Using the dropdown menu > Select category > Select product > Add lenses > Provide prescription (if applicable) > Select preferred lenses > Select lens index > Select quantity > Add to cart

*Note: If you do not know or are unsure of your prescription, you can order the frame only and contact us via the chat box or e-mail to confirm your prescription.

*You may select Upload Your Prescription, Enter Your Prescription Manually, or Email Your Prescription Later.

*Upload a photo or a screenshot of your prescription, enter Pupillary Distance (PD) if you have it available.

*Enter your prescription in the boxes provided (SPH & CYL, Axis if you have it available), enter Pupillary Distance (PD) if you have it available.

SPH = Sphere (Lens power for long/short sightedness)

CYL = Cylinder (Lens power for astigmatism)

*Reminder: You can always contact us using the chat box or e-mail for inquiries and recommendations.

For more information on lenses, visit Essilor.com.my

For more information on photochromic lenses, visit Essilor.com.my.

*Lens Index: 1.56 for prescription of less than/equal to -300, 1.60 for prescription of -300 to -500, 1.67 for prescription of more than -500.

*You can also view the estimated shipping fee here.


After searching for a product and deciding on what to purchase, you can proceed to:

Add to cart and continue browsing or add to cart and checkout

Checkout > Enter contact information and shipping address > Select Continue to shipping > Select Continue to payment > Enter discount code (if applicable) > Select payment method > Select Pay Now


*Please enter your e-mail and shipping address.

*You may also select the Pick up option if you want to retrieve your order from one of our outlet stores.

 Complete your payment details, and your order is complete.


Please contact us via the chat box or e-mail: customerservice@calisto.co for further inquiries.

Have a wonderful day!